2018 St Helena Colouring Calendar


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Connect with St Helena all year round with a 2018 Charmed on St Helena Colouring Calendar 
There’s a reason St Helena is known as ‘The secret of the South Atlantic.’ Even if you’ve lived there all your life, you will realise there is always something new to discover: the unique charms that set St Helena apart from anywhere else in the world. From it’s isolation & unique people, to it’s diverse marine life and the range of endemic species that can only be found on the island.  Together, it creates a unique ‘Charmed on St Helena’ experience.
Bring a small piece of this St Helena charm into your home all year round in a calendar with hand-drawn patterns of the place you love.
The 2018 Charmed on St Helena Colouring Calendar differs from your usual calendar as it takes the latest ‘adult colouring’ trend & combines it with elements of the island that get you involved in creating your own charmed on St Helena experience.  It’s fun & makes a fantastic gift.
The good news is it takes little or no creativity to colour & it’s pretty hard to make colouring look bad. By the end of it you’ll have a calendar to organise your colourful year ahead.
Since my discovery of adult colouring in 2015 I enjoyed colouring the books I’ve bought.  But whilst colouring in the nature pics, the parrots & the eagles are nice; I realised that I wanted something that was more connected to St Helena.  So I looked to my ‘Charmed on St Helena’ jewellery range & I became inspired by the local ‘charms’ we use such as the arum lily, the St Helena Ebony, the dolphins and decided to design colouring patterns specific to St Helena” Giselle Richards (Author/ Designer)  
This is a chance to bring a small piece of St Helena into your home all year round. Whether you want to hang it above your telephone, on your fridge or by the front door. It’s a great organisational tool that will look great anywhere in your home.
  • one-page-per-month view
  • 12 hand-drawn patterns for adult colouring (St Helena Island map; Johnathan the tortoise; St Helena donkey; St Helena Wirebird, Trophy bird; Spiky yellow woodlouse; St Helena ebony flower; Arum lily; Dolphin, Whale shark; Devil-ray; G-Unique dragonfly)
  • each month has  a snippet about the image drawn e.g. ‘The Arum lily is St Helena’s national emblem which grows in….’
  • a ‘More about St Helena’ page
  • an easy-to-hang wire binding to instantly display your calendar
When you buy this calendar you will get an organisation tool, an activity and a keepsake all in one.  All for the price of decent meal out, but with the added bonus that this purchase will last you an entire year and not just an evening out.
Connect with St Helena all year round and enjoy a colourful year ahead.
Created by G-Unique Designs, St Helena Island.

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